Don't be Misled!  Deal Directly with Blue Sky Adventures!

In recent months many web sites have popped up selling gift certificates for skydiving.  They appear to be representing a skydiving center in your local area and make wild claims that they have hundreds of skydiving schools across the country and that you are dealing with the reservation center for all of them. 

The truth is that there is no nationally owned chain of skydiving schools. They are nothing more than an internet and telemarketing company, adding additional markup and confusion to what should be a straightforward process.

An alert consumer will notice that these services have multiple websites that look very similar, all of which are very general in their information and all steering you to a call center in a southern state. They will not tell you their location, but will say "yes we have a skydiving center near you." Their websites have names that sound like they should be a skydiving school local to a major city or state, but they look very much like several hundred other websites with similarly misleading names. 

Happily, all calls to 1-877-RIPCORD and clicks to go directly to an actual, locally owned skydiving center located in South Carolina's low country, convenient to major metropolitan areas and coastal vacation spots.  You always deal directly with individuals actually at our skydiving center and never with middlemen.

Please don't fall for the on-line marketing scam.  Blue Sky Adventures does not honor gift certificates from these services.  In fact, to the best of our knowledge, NONE of the major skydiving centers in our region currently accept these certificates.  People who buy these on-line certificates usually have to drive surprisingly long distances, because there are so few skydiving centers accepting them.  When a customer finds out that he can not use his certificate at one of the major local centers, and then calls the on-line marketing company back for a refund, he will find that no refunds, compromises, renewals, or transfers are available.  There are no local office staff or real skydiving instructors with whom to speak, and all communications are with telemarketers in a distant state.

When customers arrive at one of the small part-time schools that will accept these certificates, they often have to wait all day because their certificates are given a lower priority.  Their jumps are usually performed one customer at a time from a small, single engine aircraft that goes to altitudes of only 9 or 10 thousand feet.  The unwary consumer pays more and gets less for his skydiving experience.

Blue Sky Adventures can always take groups of friends on the same large, turbine aircraft, and we always go to 13,500 feet or higher. 

Get the most for your money.  Call 1-877-RIPCORD.